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League of Women Voters Interest and Activity Form

LWVB members look forward to working closely with you!

Standing Committees

  •  The ACTION COMMITTEE recommends priorities to the LWVB board and stimulates education and advocacy by the members, including using LWVMN.org and LWV.org Action Alerts with all members, and recommending and facilitating educational events for the public consistent with LWV, LWVMN and LWVB positions.
  • The COMMUNICATION COMMITTEE currently maintains and updates the website and posts on the Facebook page with current events and League information. Expansion of committee duties dependent on skills and interests of new members.
  • The MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE welcomes potential and new members and provides orientation in order to make the membership experience effective, productive and fun!
  • The OUTREACH COMMITTEE works with other LWVB members to coordinate involvement in community-based programs, frequently in collaboration with local non-profits, that help meet basic needs of community members in a manner consistent with LWV's mission (i.e. providing voter registration opportunities to individuals unfamiliar with the process or who are more isolated in the community or serving a meal at Cornerstone,)
  • The VOTER SERVICE COMMITTEE oversees and coordinates the League's efforts to provide nonpartisan information to voters and to promote citizen participation in elections, including candidate forums, issues forums, candidate testimonials, and voter info guide
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