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The 2018 precinct caucuses will be held on Tuesday, February 6 at 7:00 p.m.   

Your toolbox for the primaries

The League of Women Voters sponsored a non-partisan overview of the primary process in Minnesota for the Minnesota community.

1. watch a video on Caucuses

The League of Women Voters in Bloomington  sponsored a non-partisan overview of the primary process in Minnesota for the local community.  An excellent Caucus Workshop was held on 1/27/18.

 Click here to get the presentation.

- or -

Watch a video recording  broadcast Monday 1/29 to Monday 2/5 on these Bloomington channels: 

  • SD: Channel 14 (Comcast)

  • HD: Channel 859 (Comcast);                                                    Channel 8214 (Centurylink)

2. Find your voting location

       Click Here

3. arrive early!

If this is your first caucus, there will be plenty of assistance so you can participate as much as you wish.


    Search this website:  

4. consider proposing these resolutions at your caucus meeting

LWV Minnesota holds positions on a variety of policy issues.  LWVBloomington supports these positions.  Proposing a resolution at caucus provides an opportunity for members to express their voice on issues supported by LWV Minnesota and influence what is accepted as part of a party platform. In addition, it exposes your neighbors and community to the issues that LWV Minnesota influences. Each party designs its own process for drafting, proposing, and approving resolutions. Often, a proposed resolution requires you to fill out a specific form. Contact your preferred party for information on the process and form.

LWVB: Your Vote, Your Voice

The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan, political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

The Bloomington League has a long history in the community and is a resource for questions about issues, candidates, voting procedures, and citizen involvement.

We meet regularly throughout the year, and coordinate candidate forums, community service projects, informational events, and other activities.

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