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LWVB Board Meeting

LWVB Board Meeting 6:00 p.m

It will take place either at Civic Plaza or at Streetz.  I will let you know tomorrow (the 27th), as soon as I know.

Attached are the agenda that I'm sending out to our members today, and a draft 2019 calendar.  I will wait to send out the 2019 calendar to members until after our meeting tomorrow night.

To follow will be a draft President's Report.  Each year at our annual meeting, a President's Report and a Treasurer's Report are presented.  The content of the President's Report will eventually become the 2018 Recap, which will be circulated at our annual party in February and also used for marketing and informational purposes throughout the year, as the 2017 Recap was used this past year (thanks to Amanda's graphics!)

Also to follow will be a draft summary of the function of each committee.  We can revise and correct it at our meeting tomorrow, and I'll circulate the final draft to members after our meeting, along with a 1-sentence intro to each potential board member.

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