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new 02/12/2019

From LWV Minnesota President, Martha Micks

Good News: LWV Minnesota membership has increased 11% over the past year! In 2017, it had a record increase of 14%. The LWV Bloomington membership grew by 36%! Click on JOIN to see how you, too, can be part.

Another thing to look forward to is this year’s very special LWV Minnesota Centennial Convention in St. Paul. In 1919, Minnesota women were given partial suffrage, with the right to vote for presidential electors (full suffrage did not occur until the 19th amendment was ratified). The MN Women Suffrage Association became the League of Women Voters of Minnesota with Clara Ueland as president. Some local Leagues in Minnesota will also be celebrating their Centennial.

 While the MN Legislature is in session and it’s too cold to be outside, I suggest a good activity. Go to the website www.leg.state.mn.us and then find for the “Bill Search and Status” section. Click on either House Bills or Senate Bills. Then use the "Search by Keyword" section to find bills related to a keyword of your choice, and from there you can click into a specific bill to get recordings of the committee hearings if you want to follow what is being presented and discussed.

 Stay warm!


UPDATED 02/12/2019


Bloomington LWV members are always welcome at Naturalization Ceremonies. The next ceremony is 10:00 at State Capitol Rotunda. Those who have attended find them educational and emotionally moving. If you want to sign up to volunteer at any Naturalization Ceremony, contact Judy Stuthman jastuthman@aol.com.

We will interview Judy in the next update to our web site (Friday, February 15th).

LWVB welcoming new citizens at a Naturalization Ceremony.  ———————————————————————————————————--

LWVB welcoming new citizens at a Naturalization Ceremony.


Coldest temp in 20 years this week for LVWVB (League of Very cold Women Voters Bloomington).

Coldest temp in 20 years this week for LVWVB (League of Very cold Women Voters Bloomington).

updated 02/12/2019


Feb. 12 Annual LWVB Holiday Party 7pm

Feb. 14 Naturalization Ceremony 10:00 a.m., State Capitol Rotunda (Contact Judy Stuhman, jastuthman@aol.com). See article at left.

Feb. 27 Naturalization Ceremonies 10:00 a.m., and 1:00pm Fitzgerald Theater (Contact Judy Stuhma, jastuthman@aol.com). See article at left.

March 5 Member Meeting 7pm

March 6 LWV Minnesota Day at the Capitol. 9:30. See our EVENTS page for the agenda.

March 6 LWV MN New Office Open House, 12:30 - 2:30 at the corner of Rice St. and Charles Ave. in St. Paul

March 17 Award Nominations Due

March 19 Naturalization Ceremony 10:00 a.m., at University of St. Thomas Law School (Contact Judy Stuhman, jastuthman@aol.com). See article at left.

April 26-28 LWV Convention 2019

Details on these and other upcoming events on our EVENTS page.


• Jan. 8: The Legislature convened.

• Feb. 19: Deadline for Gov. Walz to present his proposed budget.

• March 31: Deadline for recommendations from the Legislative Salary Council.

• April 13-22: Easter-Passover break for the Minnesota Legislature.

• May 20: Deadline to end the 2019 legislative session.

• June 30: End of the fiscal year



From Mary Rice, LWVB President

Bloomington Leaguers and Friends!

Thank you to all our members for making 2018 a success, and thank you to our 30 new members for joining and already actively volunteering!  We now have 114 members, 29 of whom are students!

2018 has been a productive year for LWVB. Here’s a snapshot of what you, our members, accomplished this year! League of Women Voters Annual Report 2018


The League of Women Voters Bloomington is a non-partisan, political organization which encourages informed and active participation in government, and influences public policy through education and advocacy.

LWVB never endorses any political candidate or party. 

The Bloomington League has a long history in the community and is a resource for questions about issues, candidates, voting procedures, and resident involvement.

We meet regularly throughout the year, and coordinate candidate forums, community service projects, informational events, and other activities.

On January 8, the 2019 Minnesota Legislature Convened

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